The Bebote Language
Project Lexicon
The Bebote Lexicon, Lexique Bebote, contains approximately 1150 words, most with sample sentences. The research was conducted in N'Djamena during the summers of 2010 and 2011. A spell check has been run on the sample sentences to ensure that all the words they contain are also contained in the lexicon. The words and sentences have been translated into French in order to make them more useful to readers in Chad. The .pdf version also contains an introduction, in English, to the language which outlines some of the distinctive features of the language.

Bebote appears to be very closely related to Bejondo. However, the investigations have not yet gone deep enough to determine if the two belong to a single dialect group.

The Bebote Sound Dictionary allows you to page through the Bebote lexicon entries and listen to the words and sentences.