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Bob. Keegan

"We humans have the capacity of turning dreams into reality far more than we think. Along the way, we can make the world a better place.... What is your dream? How will you make a difference? Don't wait too long!" (Bob Keegan, 2007)

Bob Keegan lived life to its fullest. As deputy directory of the Global Immunization Division at CDC, he quickly became a driving force in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. He traveled the world over working to achieve this goal, ever shying away from dangerous assignments, When Bob retired after a 33 year career at CDC, he set off to fulfill his dream of crossing America on bicycle. He achieved this goal, biking for three months and 4,500 miles, from Oregon to Virginia. He used the event as a fund-raising tool, and over $10,000 was donated towards polio eradication through Rotary International

Lauren Keegan is Bob's daughter. When Bob contracted cancer in 2011, in a style typical of her father, Lauren started a blog where she relates, with great warmth and humor, Bob's year-long fight against the disease.           Purchase Here

Peace Corps Years in an
African Village
1977 - 1979
Text and Photos by
Kathleen Morris and John Keegan
In summer 1977 the authors joined the Peace Corps and traveled to Chad. Use short descriptions and black and white photographs, this little work provides a glimpse into life in a small town in southern Chad during that period.

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