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Children's Books

The Fairy Tale Bank Robbers

by Cornwick Booligan

For centuries people have been asking what penguins, fairy tales, and double-chocolate crunchy almond cluster bars all have in common. The answer turns out to be quite simple: all three are important ingredients in this adventurous tale about how two remarkable children outwit a pair of clever bank robbers and free their jailed parents in the process.

Castle Adventure

by J. Michael Keegan

Why is somebody trying to kill the two young princes at the castle in Gorwich? The castle is under attack, and there appears to be no way to save the kingdom from its enemies.

Ronald Reagan Was a Pagan

(& other Nonesense Poetry)

by Carroll Lewis

Have you ever read The Walrus and the Carpenter and wished, like Alice, that things had turned out better for the poor oysters? Well the time for revenge has arrived, along with a dozen other poems carefully designed to be as outright silly as Mr. Lewis was able to manage.

Young Adult

Parents Underground

by J. M. Keegan

Sixteen year old Jessica Ford finds out one day that she has an identical twin who has been living all her life in Ohio and who she's never met. But when she tracks her down, she discovers that her newfound sister has a secret that she is not willing to share. But Jessica will not rest until she finds out what it is that is frightening her sister.

Fourteen Fabulous Folktales

by Dr. G. T. Grunderman, Ph.D.

From his extensive travels over the world, Dr. Grunderman has created a collection of magnficent folk stories, including tales from the plains of Africa, the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of Asia, and the villages of medieval Europe.

A Student's Guide to the Wild World of Words

by Dr. G. T. Grunderman, Ph.D

Have you ever wondered why a weird wild word would want to wander wearily about our woeful world awakening a whimsical warmth in our wary wombs, sweeping away wily webs of wistful worry all the while? Well you can find out from the expert, Dr. Grunderman, as he takes you on an entertaining tour through the wacky world of wild words.

Fantasy and Adventure

The Seventeen

Fantasy Series

by J. M. Keegan

Seventeen Guardians were sent to the seventeen regions of the earth to protect humans from their own savage greed and lust for power. With them came the One, the Guardian Master. But over the years many turned away from the path of wisdom and began to use their powers to build empires of fear and horror. When the Master attempted to stop them, he was murdered. But prior to his death, the Master had searched long down the webbed paths of time, where he found at last a child of great wisdom and strength. To her he bequeathed all that remained to him, and he charged the loyal Guardians to prepare for her arrival, and to hide and protect her as long as be needed. But the evil Guardians learned of her coming, and were ever watchful.

The Seventeen: Book One

by J. Michael Keegan

Naryanna is just an ordinary village girl until the day her father finds a baby girl in the hills above their village, but soon after everything changes. Soldiers are seeking the child, and before her parents can flee, they are seized and taken away. Naryanna escapes, and along with her brother Mayiko and her best friend Eleiba, she tries to bring her adopted sister to safety in the south. But there is danger ahead and danger behind, and their journey is only beginning. The children need every bit of the unexpected help they find along the way -- from the wandering Wanjing gypsies who protect the children as if they were their own, the mysterious old man living alone in a deserted castle, even the violent giant soldier who has been following them since the day they left home. By the end they realize that the foundling is no ordinary child. Whatever it takes, they must keep her safe.

The Seventeen: Book Two

by J. Michael Keegan

Five years have passed since Naryanna's family flight, and they now live with Menovians, a people they have never really understood. But trouble is again brewing, and Naryanna is obliged to go on another journey to seek help from afar.

The Seventeen: Book Three

by J. Michael Keegan

After Naryanna has left, the village is invaded, and Naryanna's father is wounded. Her brother Mayiko is obliged to try to bring his adopted sister another safe haven. It does not take him long to realize that his the child is not as helpless as she appears. But he knows that if the enemy hears about her deeds, they will do everything in their power to destroy her.

The Seventeen: Book Four

by J. Michael Keegan

Over the years, as she fought to keep her sister safe, one by one the dreams came true. Now, as she and Eleiba near the end of their journey, only one dream remains. But it is the most frightening of them all, and to her horror she comes to realize that she and her friend must face the terrifying guardian who is trying to destroy her little sister.

The Seventeen: Book Five

by J. Michael Keegan

It seemed that ever since her father had found an abandoned infant in the hills above their village Naryanna had been on the run, trying to save her adopted sister from a danger she did not understand. It was during her first flight with her brother Mayiko that she'd encountered that strange glowing stone in the tower of a lonely castle. Staring into it she'd somehow slipped off into time, and she'd never been able to escape the frightening visions she'd seen there. "They are real," her brother had warned her. How he knew she couldn't guess, but she realized now that he was right. One by one the dreams had come true, until at last only one, the most terrifying of them all, remained for her to live.

A Homemade Murder

by J. Michael Keegan

Private detectives Ed Watson and his partner Sydney Haynes are hired by a beautiful young widow to investigate the murder of her husband, billionaire Delbert Anderhurst.Haynes and Watson won't rest until they find the answer.

Three Gothic Tales

by J. Michael Keegan

The ghost of an abandoned lover leads a fearless student into the shifting shadows of medieval Salamanca in a retelling of Espronceda's romantic poem. An aging minstrel adopts a boy and teaches him how to play, but in time the boy's music takes on a life of its own, weaving its way into the lives of everyone he encounters. Something goes awry at the heavenly gates, leading to a miscarriage of justice with eternal consequences. These three gothic stories are guaranteed to thrill and amuse.

Travel and Stories

Life is Great Enjoy the Ride

by Bob. Keegan

We humans have the capacity of turning dreams into reality far more than we think. Along the way, we can make the world a better place.... What is your dream? How will you make a difference? Don't wait too long! (Bob Keegan, 2007)

Bob Keegan lived life to its fullest. As deputy directory of the Global Immunization Division at CDC, he quickly became a driving force in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. He traveled the world over working to achieve this goal, ever shying away from dangerous assignments, When Bob retired after a 33 year career at CDC, he set off to fulfill his dream of crossing America on bicycle. He achieved this goal, biking for three months and 4,500 miles, from Oregon to Virginia. He used the event as a fund-raising tool, and over $10,000 was donated towards polio eradication through Rotary International

Lauren Keegan is Bob's daughter. When Bob contracted cancer in 2011, in a style typical of her father, Lauren started a blog where she relates, with great warmth and humor, Bob's year-long fight against the disease

Peace Corps Years in an African Village
1977 - 1979

Text and Photos by Kathleen Morris and John Keegan

In summer 1977 the authors joined the Peace Corps and traveled to Chad. Use short descriptions and black and white photographs, this little work provides a glimpse into life in a small town in southern Chad during that period.

A Journey through Old Castile

by J. Michael Keegan and Michael Morris Keegan

A photographic tour through the countryside of two of Castile's least traveled provinces, Guadalajara and Soria.