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The Sara Group
The Sara Languages
A group of some 18 languages and dialects spoken in a wide area in southern Chad and in the northern portions of the Central African Republic. The Sara Languages include Daba, Gor, Gulay, Horo (now extinct), Kaba, Laka, Mango, Murum, Mbay, Nangnda (which includes Bebote, Bejonde, Maguer, Pen and Yom), Nar, Ngam, Ngambay and Sar.
The Sara Kaba Languages
The Sara Kaba languages are spoken in an area in Southern Chad generally east of the area where the Sara languages are spoken. They include five languages: Kaba Na, Kaba Deme, Kulfa, Sara Dunjo, and Sara Kaba.
The Vale Languages
Only two languages belong to this grouping: Vale and Lutos. Both are spoken in northern Central African Republic, to the south of the Chadian town Maro. (More information to be provided).
The Bagirmi Group
The Bagirmi Languages
A group of 8 languages spoken in a wide area in central Chad spreading from the area around Bousso to the Guera further east. These languages are: Bagirmi, Berakou, Disa, Gula, Jaya, Kenga, Morom and Naba. Of these, only Bagirmi, Kenga and Naba (formerly Kuka, Bilala and and Medogo) have more than 30,000 speakers, and most of the others are in grave danger of extinction.

Birri [bvq] A nearly extinct language spoken in northern Central African. Most dialects are extinct, and there are only an estimated 200 remaining speakers.

Fongoro [fgr] A language spoken in Oaddai in the Fongoro prefecture along the Sudanese border. There are only an estimated 1,000 speakers.