The Mbay Language
The Mbay People
Geographic Distribution
Lexical Resources
There are (at least) three lexical studies of Mbay.
  1. Joseph Fortier's 1957 dictionary with over 2,000 words, plenty of expressions and some sample sentences
  2. Jean Pierre Capril's 65 page lexicon (1969?) published with Afrique et Langage
  3. in Lyons.
  4. John Keegan's (1996) 6,000 word dictionary published with Lincom Europa in Munich
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Other Language Resources
There are large number of resources for the Mbay language. These include:
  1. Joseph Fortier: two wonderful collections of tales and stories, a large collection of proverbs, and a reference grammar
  2. Maurice Fourier's excellent introduction to Mbay phonology.
  3. Luis Magrina's republication of some of the tales from Fortier's work, with a careful transcription that includes tone and tonal changes.
  4. John Keegan's (1997) reference grammar published with Lincom Europa in Munich
  5. Mbay Sound Dictionary
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